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We are a family orientated Tutor Centre that supports participation, acquisition of study techniques and passion for learning.

about us

We have been in operation for over a decade, specializing in providing focused supplementary educational services, to parents from all around the Alberton area.  Our Tutor Centre has evolved over the years and about 4 years ago we started a fully-fledged support systems specifically for homeschooling parents and learners.Our learning environment allows for comprehensive and innovative education, which effectively helps with individual development of each learner.We have applied for an Independent School license as part of our growth path, which attests to our dedication and success in shaping young people over the decade.

We value Christian Principles for growth and development of learners

We value innovation and learning without boundaries

We support individual traits and abilities, whilst nurturing competence and excellence

our services

Each learner participates in the daily devotion held before commencement of classes.

We support and strive to inspire, motivate and help learners to fully grasp and master the key concepts in all subjects.

Our services can be customized and packaged in any way that suits the parent and learner’s needs.

Comprehensive Homeschooling Tutor Support

Interaction with Curriculum Providers

Grade RRR to Grade 7 Tutoring

Online Classes through Impaq


Extra Lessons

Computer Practice

Extramural Activities e.g hiking, soccer

Dance Studio-Tap, Hip Hop and Modern

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